About SBAJ


There are an estimated 67,000 small businesses operating within Jamaica; the Sector currently accounts for nearly eighty percent (80%) of all employment in Jamaica. In 2014, sole traders, who comprise the majority of micro and small enterprises, accounted for more than thirty-six percent of the employed labour force.

The Small Business Association is actively seeking to create opportunities in assisting this sector to survive, be relevant and to contribute to the development of Jamaica.


The Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) was registered in 1974, and currently, serves a membership of approximately 400 individuals/business operations and Associates. The economic growth and progress of any nation reside in the effective support given to small business operators not just by government but by larger private sector operators.

The vision of the SBAJ is to enable its membership to become the vehicles of growth as is expected from the sector.


The mission of the SBAJ is to support the economy of Jamaica through the development of the Small Business Sector by:-

  • The promotion of entrepreneurship and mentoring of members;
  • The facilitation of technical advice, training, consultancy, trade services and employing modern technology;
  • Lobbying banks and government to set aside a pool of funds for capital support to the sector;
  • Fostering successful corporate citizenship and good governance.


The vision of the SBAJ is to become an organization of national, regional and international impact with economic, social and political advocacy while being the voice of the small business sector in Jamaica.

Services offered by the SBAJ are:

  • Business counseling
  • Office services
  • Training courses
  • Conventions, Expositions and symposiums
  • Business registration
  • Business matching
  • Financial services Referrals Lending
  • Agencies most suitable to assist in financial services
  • Incubator Support
  • Flea Market

Board of Directors

  • Hugh Johnson, JP, President
  • Bridgette Steele, Imm. Past President
  • Michael Leckie, 1st Vice President
  • Robert Rainford, 2nd Vice President
  • Andrew Evans, PE, Secretary
  • Dr. Dianna Davis-Smith, Assist. Secretary
  • Henry Morant, Treasurer
  • Fred Manderson, Assist. Treasurer
  • Oswald Smith, Director
  • Dr. Ron Lawrence Foreman, Director
  • Garnett Reid, JP, Director
  • Melbourne George Smart, Director
  • Steven Golden, Director